Serape & Headdress—Coral Flower

Serape & Headdress—Coral Flower

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Tooled leather Watch Band

This is a hand tooled leather watch band.

This is by far our MOST POPULAR watch band that we make, and you can see why!

Serape background, sunflower and cactus on the connector. Headdress and coral flower on the long side

Band size is the size of your wrist. If you have an Apple Watch, our bands are the same sizes as the silicon band that come with the Apple Watch.

S/M length is 4.5”

M/L length is 5.5”

XL length is 6”

Connector piece (same on all band sizes) is 4”

This band can be used for Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa, Samsung Galaxy, and more! Correct brackets are put in when band is purchased.

If you have a question on which size band you need or which size watch you have feel free to ask!